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Meet Kristi Whitten:

Hi everyone! I’m Kristi, the author of this website, Corner Pillars of a Palace. I’m a mother of seven, a Doula & Birthkeeper, a Licensed Independent Minister, and I am passionate about many things, namely serving birthers and their families.

In addition to my love for gently assisted birth and unassisted birth, I enjoy learning from and ministering to fellow Christians as we pursues Christ; I love supporting relationships, whether it be to maintain a stable and secure connection and line of communication, or to support the struggling couples as well (including providing resources to get help in cases of domestic violence).

My husband and I married in 2003 and soon after, we began growing our family. I gave birth to our first two children in the hospital and our other five children were born at home without the presence of a medical attendant. It’s the support of  several women that helped me to be confident, educated, and safe in my own birthing journey that has led me to where I am today, with the desire to help others in the same way I received.



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