Surprise Twin Double-Breech Roadside Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

I was measuring consistently ahead in fundal height early on and just before the mid-point of my pregnancy my midwife referred me to an obstetrician to have an ultrasound (we’d not planned on having any) to rule out twins, fibroids, excess amniotic fluid, or any other complications. At the ultrasound, we were told there was […]

Breech A Variation Of Normal

To me breech is a variation of normal. Well not only to me, 4% of babies are breech so it must be pretty normal to them too. There is fear and unknown surrounding this which all circles around the “term breech trial” which was extremely flawed and commented on at the time by people like […]

Birth Video Of A Breech Baby

Breech birth seems to be widely searched on the Internet and information on a normal birth with a breech baby is getting more and more difficult to access. Breech Baby? Normal Births Getting Scarce Practitioners experienced in a birth with a woman who’s baby is breech are getting older and there is soon going to […]

Everything Is Just Breechy

I think the best way to help the woman is to keep the atmosphere calm and create as little stress as possible. I also agree with this: “Some practitioners advise waiting for an hour after full dilatation before active pushing is ‘allowed’. This is thought to ensure the cervix is *completely* dilated. This is particularly […]