A Father’s Perspective – The Journey from Hospital to Home

by BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR Many women have questions about how to approach their partner about natural birth, and especially out-of-hospital/home birth. I don’t ever remember being worried about convincing my husband – but then again, my feisty side comes out pretty often (and I don’t let go of an idea once it is in my […]

Catching Susanna

So many things, like time, like rest, like fear, Like apprehension and anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, They all just seem to disappear In the perfect moments, those ones Where God removes the escape hatches, And doesn’t let us press that eject button, But stands there with us in the embrace Of all encompassing presence, face […]

A Father’s Perspective on Homebirth

by Ron Stauffer; husband, father, believer, web guy, marketing guy, musician, and man of many secret talents. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and five children, and is frequently told he’s too young to have as many kids as he does. “If you know me well, you probably know my family is a home […]

Ana’s Birth Story – Daddy’s Perspective

Alex, husband of Ana Here’s the husband’s version of what happened at the birth of our first son. 🙂 The first birth for a couple is very significant for many reasons. It was the same for me and my wife. Frankly, I don’t remember very many details for births 2-5. (lol, sorry wifey!) By that time, […]

“My Perspective on Birth So Far”

Alex, husband of Ana So here’s my perspective on birth so far (five home births, first with a midwife, then four unassisted). There are many who like to include the father in the birth process, or train him to be a birth coach, or take a more active role, etc. Certainly, if he hasn’t done so, […]