Alyssa’s HBAC of Brooklyn Hope

It all began the night of Saturday, May 25th. I had supper at my grandmother’s house with my family and then headed home. Once home, I felt really good with energy to spare which was definitely unusual because the past few weeks were full of body aches and fatigue. I was in a great mood, […]

A’s 1st Birth Story

I had been considering an unassisted childbirth as an option from the moment I knew I was pregnant. I had known that they were much more peaceful and relaxed due to the privacy and freedom for the mother. I knew this because my mother, (her and my dad have 8 children), had done unassisted with […]

A’s 2nd birth story.

When I found out we were expecting our second, I knew that I wanted this labor and birth to be a better experience than the first one had been, even if it was as long or painful. I found out when I was 2 months along. The edd (according to my calculation based on my […]

Jamie’s Birth Story of Elsa

So the story of my second baby’s birth starts the evening of June 18th, which was a Monday. I felt slightly crampy but not actually having cramps so I thought I might wake in the middle of the night to contractions like I had with my son. Tuesday morning I woke up like normal and […]

Jamie’s Birth Story of Solomon

My labor story starts around 3am on Jan 27th. I woke up to a contraction which wasn’t uncommon for the last few weeks. What was uncommon was that another one followed within a few minutes and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up, went to the bathroom, and went out to the living […]