Better Birth 360 World Summit

Click on the following links to Access Day 1-24 Video Interviews with expert speakers on how to promote a natural, more comfortable, and positive birth experience: Day #1 Interview with Debra Pascali – Bonaro  Day #2 Interview with Elena-Tonetti-Vladimirova Day #3 Interview with  Dr. Robin Elise-Weiss Day #4 Interview with  LaQuitha Glass Day #5 Interview with Gail Tully Day #6 Interview with Connie Livingston Day […]

Dear Pregnant Ladies: Sharing 15 Facts

For all you pregnant ladies out there, here are some things for you to know about giving birth and post-partum info. I’m certainly no expert, but I read enough stuff to know what information is actually useful. You’ve all read about the sleepless nights and intensity of labor. But I want to share a more […]

The FAQ’s I Get About Having an Unassisted Birth

“Whenever I bring up the topic of having an unassisted birth (a home birth without the presence of a midwife, or medical professional, sometimes called ‘freebirth’), people look at me like I’m crazy. It’s not so bad this time around, because that’show Willow was born, but when I was pregnant with him, I’m sure that […]

Prepping and Unassisted Childbirth, by an American Dad:

I never intended to be a homebirthing dad.  Our first child was born in the “normal” American way – in a hospital.  Physically, mom and baby came out fine.  But the scars from that experience still throb in our hearts many years later. The impersonal way hospital staff treated us; the overactive use of clinical […]

Top 5 Resources for Planning an Unassisted Birth

What does having a planned unassisted birth mean to me? Simply, it means the parents believe in and trust themselves and their baby’s ability to birth, realize birth is not a medical event, and are looking for the most undisturbed birth setting with as few unnecessary stressors and interventions as possible to gently welcome their […]